The first Arbaeen International Production Festival ended with the introduction of the winners
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The closing ceremony of the first Arbaeen International Production Festival was held in the presence of Mousavi Moghaddam, Deputy Director of National Media.
According to the correspondent of the Radio and Television Cultural Group of the Young Journalists Club, the closing ceremony of the first Arbaeen International Productions Festival was attended by Hojjatoleslam Mousavi Moghaddam, Deputy Director of National Media, Ali Fahim Danesh, Director General of International Media and a group of directors and winners. International national media conferences were held.

At first, the victim, the secretary of the festival, said: "For several years now, thanks to God and the struggles of Sardar Soleimani and his comrades, we have witnessed the holding of tens of thousands of people during the Arbaeen Hosseini ceremony."

He continued: "Perhaps we can say that last year was the culmination of it and pilgrims who were not specific to Iran and Iraq also participated in the organization of these ceremonies and people from Europe, America, Asia and followers of all divine religions and different religions attended the Arbaeen procession."

The victim said: "The enthusiastic presence of Hosseini pilgrims made the managers of the national media think of holding a festival to celebrate this movement and the global presence and promote the culture of Ashura, so that the presence of millions of people in Arbaeen Hosseini would be well shown." In this context, with the suggestion of Ali Fahim Danesh and the approval of the head of the national media, the preparations for holding the Arbaeen International Production Festival were formed in three sections: audio, video and photo from October this year, and after publishing the call, a total of 8602 works from inside and outside the country. Sent to our e-Secretariat.

The secretary of the Arbaeen International Production Festival stated: Each of the works was examined in the desired sections, and after several stages of selection, they were selected from the submitted works with the opinion of the selected jury.

Fahim Danesh, Director General of International Affairs of the National Media, said: "Radio and Television has made a worthy effort to hold this festival." Were it not for the necessity and effort to record this epic and this passion of Hosseini, we would no longer have the likes of Mohtasham Kashani's poetry with that passion. It is the duty of the international affairs of the national media to record the epics of Arbaeen.

He stated: The international affairs of the Radio and Television, led the festival using cyberspace. Fortunately, with the help of the International Affairs of Radio and Television and Radio Arbaeen, Arbaeen TV was launched and the path of recording Arbaeen passionate moments continued. There are lovers and enthusiasts in the holy site of Imam Hussein (AS) in all the universe and their hearts beat for him.

Mousavi Moghaddam further said: "I hope that this festival, which is the first step to explain the audio-visual works in the field of Arbaeen in international affairs, will continue and the festival will continue after this." Philosophy of art explains what theoretical and philosophical foundations are. One of the questions that arises in this philosophy is what art is and the inherent characteristics of art. What should be the purpose of art and what are its examples; Can art increase knowledge? However, a complete definition that encompasses all areas of art has not yet been provided, and each definition of art offers a different example. Farabi considers art to be absolutely beautiful. Ibn Sina also states three main elements in the definition of art; Order, beauty and moderation. However, in Mulla Sadra's philosophy, art is a manifestation of the Lord of lords, and every beauty and perfection is a ray of God's beauty and perfection.

The deputy head of the national media said: "If it were not for the narration of art, perhaps we would never have been acquainted with the atmosphere of Ashura and Arbaeen." The task of art is on the shoulders of the artists who were present at the time of the incident. Until a hundred years ago, when the history of image and audio had not left its mark, concepts had a heart and the heart of concepts and documents was abundant, but now, with the presence of video and audio media, the heart of concepts and documents will not exist. Although various narrations have been narrated about the Ashura incident, but now we can record the original of the Arbaeen incident, and the audio and video media will perpetuate this great Ashura event as a great investment for the next generation.

He emphasized: If art is in the service of historical phenomena, it can fulfill its duty. Imam Rahel in another definition of art says that art is blowing the spirit of commitment in the body of human beings; That is, the artist should not be indifferent, and committed art is important. Forty is inherently a salvation. How does an issue that has been going on for so many years and centuries come into being in the present century and become a volcano that is inspired by today's generations as a universal revelation and a multidimensional equation?

Mousavi Moghaddam stated: There are thousands of messages hidden in the Ashura incident that these messages can only be extracted in the language of art. Arbaeen also has a slogan; "Al-Hussein Mesbah Al-Huda and the Ship of Salvation." If artists connect to the pure ocean of Hosseini and dive into this ocean, they will discover gems that can be surprising.

At the end of the ceremony, the winners of the Arbaeen International Production Festival were honored.